Many people wonder what exactly Kava drinks taste like and what effects they have on humans after consumption. Oftentimes, the most common description given is that of an earthy taste. Almost like dirty or gritty water that's been mixed around. Typically, most people claim that the taste isn't appetizing, but is bearable. Occasionally you may come across someone who claims to actually like the taste, but most people will follow the quick shot of Kava with some kind of candy or fruit with a strong taste. While the taste of Kava is very strong initially, it dissipates quickly if you eat something directly afterwards. Although many have tried, masking the taste by mixing things together in the drink seems not to work so well. Typically the taste of the Kava is still overpowering and it's just not worth bothering to mask it when you can just down it quickly and be done with it. Many scientists believe that the offputting taste of the plant is a natural deterrent from abusing the substance. The idea is that if the plant tastes bad, most people won't crave it and therefore develop a habit of abusing it. This way the plant remains respected and sacred in many parts of the world.


Are there any Physical Sensations After Drinking it?


Typically the most common report is that your mouth and tongue begin to feel numb. While this affect is short-lived, many have come to like the sensation and even crave it. Scientists have found that the numbness is because of the dihydrokavain and kavain within the Kava root. At times people have reported that even their stomach can begin to feel numb. While this feeling is hard to describe and is often mistaken for being sick or feeling nauseous, many say that after a few times of drinking the root, you begin to realize that it's a soothing feeling and nothing to be concerned with.


Can Kava Relax Your Body?


While the effects I previously listed are all part of the drink, the main reason why people drink the Kava root is because of its ability to relax not only muscles, but the mind as well. While alcohol does the same thing, one side effect of alcohol disrupts the clarity of mind and causes the consumer to act wild as opposed to relaxed. The Kava root brings the benefit of relaxation like alcohol, but without feeling rowdy. In fact, Kava often brings about feelings of tiredness and has even been proven to cure insomnia naturally!


Can Euphoria be Reached Via the Kava Root?


While alcohol brings about euphoric feelings, Kava can do the same, but it comes about in a much different way. With alcohol, your body builds up resistance over time, but it's the opposite with the Kava root. The first few times you drink Kava, you'll probably feel nothing, but as you drink it more frequently, the effects will be felt without having to drink as much as previously. Due to this unique quality, it's often hard to abuse it, because it's very confusing how it actually works. This being said, most people don't make it past the first few times due to the off-putting taste of the drink. This being said, the popularity of the drink is actually growing and it's becoming the drink of choice in the South-Pacific region. Keep in mind that the euphoric feeling attained by drinking Kava is not like that of alcohol or recreational drugs. The feeling almost can't be described and must be experienced to fully understand the process.


Can Kava be used for Detoxification?


Yes, in fact, it was used in this way for years and eventually was adapted into its current use now-a-days. This being said, the mixture of Kava and alcohol or other recreational drugs is not recommended. Due to the detoxification attributes it has, the alcohol mixture would bring about very undesirable results for the consumer. Again, after drinking Kava over time, the detoxification effects lessen as your body builds an immunity. This being said, the euphoric feeling actually heightens over time as I previously stated, so this plant is extremely unique and should be treated with respect!