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Recommended Kava Usage

Posted by Kava Sherpa on 5/7/2012
There hardly a day goes without someone asking me whether this is my first time drinking kava, the questioner proceeds and asks how much one needs to drink to feel it. I simply answer; each one of us has different metabolisms and sensitivity levels to substances.

 Due to this, amounts needed vary from person to person therefore there exists no answer. Having saying that, this is what I recommend if you want too get the maximum out of your kava.

In a majority of cultures that consume Kava, they take Kava after the sun has gone down. Kava consumption during daytime proves to be unproductive especially when the effects are strongly felt. A number of people confess that bright day light is usually uncomfortable on their eyes after consuming kava.

Drinking Kava
If you are drinking kavas for the first time, I suggest that you only consume 2-3 four ounce shells of it. You need to space out individual kava bowl fifteen minutes to avoid consumption of too much kava. Even after consuming kava and you feel that the effect is not enough, you should proceed to partake more, especially if this is your first time to have kava.

You are better off not overloading your body with foreign substances even if you are guaranteed they are non toxic. You are better off drinking 2-3 shells of kava at-least the first four times you consume this substance.

However, if you desire to consume more, you should feel free to have more. How much is too much you ask? Well you need not get worries as your body will let you know when you have had too much kava. However, based on my experience kava drinkers who follow this regime usually have fun as they drink their kava more.

After having consumed kava for at-least a month constantly, you’ll more likely start feeling the effects fully if you are able to consume more than 2 or 3 shells. This will help you quickly find out more about kava effects known as euphoria.

However, you need to be forewarned that consuming too much kava will automatically impair your motoring skills and you more likely to loose your ability to drive. As it is, consuming a higher volume of kava will affect your ocular motor skills including both the eyes and ears.

When you drink large amounts of kava, your balance will be affected. You should NEVER partake kava with alcohol! A mixture of this is quite hazardous, unhealthy and chances are you’ll become sick.

If you want to achieve maximum (best) results, you need to drink kava in a dark and quiet place. If you want to achieve pleasurable kava effects, you need to attempt a relaxation mod and mode. You should consume kava when you are amongst friends and you are engaged in depth conversations as you will also be very social.

Kava effects are not going to be felt as much if and when you the consumer is on the move a lot. Kava shouldn’t be consumed in places where there is flashing light or loud music as these two things don’t go down with kava. In-short avoid consuming your kava in such places.

In a nutshell, you need to give kava a fair shot way before you make a decision whether its yours or not. A disclaimer though; you should never drink too much kava at once. You should also never drink kava too quickly and you need to space out shells by a period of 15 minutes.

One thing you shouldn’t ever forget, kava effects will definitely come to you. You can not go to them (effects). However, in a short period of time, you will find out why a majority of people have been consuming kava for over three millenniums. BULA!

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